Sleep-Related Movement Disorders

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Sleep-Related Movement Disorders

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Sleep-Related Movement Disorders are sleep problems that disturb your sleep because of the involuntary physical movements of your body. The following usually happens as you lay yourself down to sleep up until you are about to be awakened:

  • RESTLESS LEG SYNDROME (RLS). This causes you to have unpleasant sensations on your legs which gives you a very strong urge to move them. RLS occurs when you are resting and typically starts in the afternoon and is most severe at night which causes you to have trouble sleeping.
  • PERIODIC LIMB MOVEMENT. This disorder occurs only at night wherein you may have repetitive involuntary movements such as jerking of the ankle, knee or hips which awakens you.
  • SLEEP LEG CRAMPS. These are painful cramps, usually in the calf muscles, that you may experience while sleeping.
  • SLEEP RHYTHMIC MOVEMENT DISORDER. This occurs when you move your body in a repetitive manner, usually body rocking while feeling drowsy or asleep. You may observe this commonly among children.
  • SLEEP BRUXISM. This happens when you grind, gnash or clench your teeth while asleep. Frequent bruxism may damage your teeth, cause facial pain and may disturb your sleep.


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