Sleep-Related Breathing Disorders

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Sleep-Related Breathing Disorders

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Has your partner ever told you that you snore a lot or you have weird breathing pattern when asleep and sometimes he/ she wakes you up worried because you have not been breathing for quite a while? The following are sleep-related breathing disorders wherein you, aware or not, have disruptions of normal breathing patterns that only happens when you are asleep:

  • OBSTRUCTIVE SLEEP APNEA. OSA happens when there is on and off relaxation of the muscles in your throat while sleeping and this causes blockage in your airway. Your partner may tell you that you snore loudly and make choking sounds during your sleep.
  • CENTRAL SLEEP APNEA. This type of sleep apnea occurs when you have repeated pause in your breathing during sleep which usually lasts up to 40 seconds. You may experience this condition as a result of an illness.
  • CHILD SLEEP APNEA. When your child regularly snores loudly, gasps and sweats heavily while sleeping, he/she may have signs of sleep apnea. Your child may also have problems with attention as well as be hyperactive during the daytime.
  • INFANT SLEEP APNEA. A baby normally has pauses in his/her breathing, but the duration would only last for a maximum of 20 seconds. However, if your baby pauses for more than 20 seconds, gasps and gags while breathing and in sometimes turns bluish; you should consult a physician.
  • SLEEP-RELATED GROANING. This condition occurs when you give out groaning sounds during exhalation which can last up to 30 seconds.


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