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Sleep is one of the basic needs we usually take for granted until we notice something unusual. Sometimes, we have the bump in the night experience that lets us realize sleep’s importance. One of those bumps may be a parasomnia. Parasomnias are the abnormal things that can happen during sleep. Listed below are the most common type of parasomnias.

  • CONFUSIONAL AROUSALS. This happens when you are awakened from your sleep, but you remain confused with what is happening around you.
  • This occurs when you walk around at night with eyes wide open but still asleep.
  • SLEEP TERRORS. This is a disorder wherein you wake up feeling frightened and sometimes screaming or crying.
  • SLEEP-RELATED EATING DISORDER. SRED happens with episodes of eating while asleep. This disorder occurs in combination with sleepwalking.
  • REM SLEEP BEHAVIOR DISORDER. Physical acting out of a dream you are having occurs in this sleep disorder. You may remember shouting, kicking or punching from sleeping when you are awakened.
  • SLEEP PARALYSIS. You may experience an episode of sleep paralysis when you are unable to move your body or talk while falling asleep or upon waking up. Feelings of fear or anxiety may also be experienced.
  • Experiencing frequent and intense nightmares can leave you feeling scared of sleeping or falling back to sleep and this can be considered a sleep disorder.
  • This happens when a person pees while sleeping. Bedwetting in children less than 7 years old is not unusual; however, when it happens to adults or to those people who have already had nighttime bladder control for a long time, this can be a sign of a disorder.
  • SLEEP HALLUCINATIONS. This usually occurs while you are falling asleep or waking up. You may experience this through touch, smell, taste, sound, and vision which may seem so real.
  • EXPLODING HEAD SYNDROME. This is when you imagine hearing a loud noise usually a bomb explosion while sleeping.
  • SLEEP TALKING. You may be talking single syllable words or long speeches during your sleep in which you won’t remember when you are awakened.


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