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Hypersomnias are a family of sleeping disorders that cause a person to have trouble staying awake during the day. A person with hypersomnia may either have overly long sleep or excessive daytime drowsiness. They struggle staying up to perform their responsibilities despite having too much sleep. Hypersomnias are the following:

  • This causes you to experience excessive daytime sleepiness and disrupts your nighttime sleep. You may experience episodes of sleep attacks at an improper place and time.
  • IDIOPATHIC HYPERSOMNIA. You may have an insatiable need to sleep during the day despite having an excessive nighttime sleep. Even after taking long naps during the daytime, you still don’t feel refreshed.
  • KLEINE-LEVIN SYNDROME. This condition makes you have repeated bouts of excessive sleep up to 20 hours a day along with an excessive appetite for food and sex. You may also have a depressed mood.
  • INSUFFICIENT SLEEP SYNDROME. This happens when you regularly fail to get enough nighttime sleep which causes you to feel not rested during the day even when you think you are getting a good night sleep.


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