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The Premier Coordinating Platform
for Diagnosis & Treatment of
Sleep Apnea

Easy to Order

Refer for consultation or order sleep studies and therapies easily. Attach relevant files and information to allow for verifying eligibility and checking prior authorization.

Easy to Monitor

Monitor your patients’ testing schedule, results and treatment status in real time.

Quick & Efficient

All relevant information in one platform; making it easily accessible to all providers, for rapid and efficient care coordination and monitoring.

Make Home Sleep Testing a Part of your Patient Services

To test for Sleep Apnea, make Home Sleep Testing (HST) available for your patients from your office. Your patents will simply wear the HST Kit at night and return it for data download.

MyApneaPathSUPPORT: Optional Services so you can focus on patients

MyApneaPath provides the following services in behalf of providers:

  • Insurance Verification
  • Prior Authorization
  • Scheduling
  • Scoring
  • Interpretation by a Sleep Specialist
  • Billing


This is a service provided to patients who receive new PAP machines. Patients can access a calendar and schedule the time for the instructions to be given either by phone or video. The instructor will receive patient information and machine details from the DME provider before the scheduled visit, will give a structured lesson, and will inform the DME provider when completed.

MyApneaPathPAP P&S

This is a 15-minute service provided to patients who may have problems with their PAP system. It aims to answer the most common problems PAP users encounter. If not resolved, there is a tiered escalated response of referral back to the original or new prescriber, original or new DME supplier, and original or new sleep specialist and consideration for new equipment/supplies or new sleep study.