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      Welcome to mysleepgear.com sleep forum. We would like this to be venue for anything sleep, with a slant on its health aspects.

      Whether you get too little sleep, too much of it or enough but a the wrong times of the day, we hope this forum can be a resource to you.

      Please avoid language that is disrespectful or abusive of other posters. This also isn’t a site for the transmission of computer malware. The moderators will do their best keep this forum a place to get good information about sleep and other posters. However, this site is not responsible for the posts and needless to say, the posts do not reflect the views and opinions of the site itself.

      Please be respectful of others’ intellectual property by avoiding acts like copying trademarks and other materials. We would like to hear your own original thoughts.

      While this is intended to be a source of helpful information on sleep, please do not consider any information on the site as a substitute for seeing a medical professional. Your health is your greatest asset.

      Remember that this is a public site. Please do not post personal information that may expose yourself to risks like identity theft or cyberstalking.

      Now that we got that out of the way, we encourage you to participate in discussions and post whatever is in your mind. And yes, don’t forget to get a good and full night’s sleep tonight!

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